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Plenty of game prototypes have already been created with the OPP graphics. We hope more and more people will do so, it is a great way to test if our graphics actually work and get some feedback from developers on it.

Also we have been trying to develop a sort of 'official' game, supported by the OPP team. This has been developed together with some of the Frogatto team on the Anura engine.


When the project just started, I (Hapiel) was looking for a way to create a game with the community. I had heard of the Anura engine belonging to Frogatto, and contacted Richard Kettering (Jetrel). Within short time his colleague David Roberts (DDR) shared a demo on the forums.

The game can be found here at GitHub.


PJ member M.E. kept making new demos along with the project!

His files along with all the previous versions can be found here.