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This is a collaboratively created game graphics pack, anyone can use, modify, extend!

We like pixel art, games, free culture, and this is an effort to combine those!



OPP includes all sorts of pixel art graphics required to make a platform game. Tiles, sprites, animations, and hopefully in the future also UI elements and backgrounds.


Everything you submit to the OPP must be licensed as CC-BY 3.0! That means, if you are the artist and you submit something to this wiki, it will be licensed as so.

The CC-BY 3.0 license allows anyone to do anything with this artwork, including using it in their games, but also modifying or selling it as long as they credit the author(s). I would post a link to the complete license but it is currently blacklisted by our spam filter, sorry.

We have chosen for this license as it allows the freest possible use of the graphics.


The OPP is an initiative of user:hapiel. You can find all of the contributors here

Most of the early contributors know each other from the pixel art community Pixeljoint


Way back there was the PJ game. A plan that was suggested multiple times and once there even was a collection of sprites and tiles made around the PJ nerd. Lack of organisation made the participants give up hope.

Also, there have been many many open source community build game projects that have a lack of artists. They find it hard to attract creative minds to their plans and the games often lack originality.

It is time for an art focussed community game to rise. A game where artists get to decide how the game will look and feel.

Creating a game is a lot of work, the goal of creating a game is still far far away. Therefore we start just with the first step: creating a CC-BY licensed tile and sprite set. Even if the final goal of a complete game is never reached, we give a quality tile set to the community.

After Hapiel bounced ideas back and forth with many PJ members such as Surt, Skeddles, Flyguy, Gecimen, RileyFierey, Dawnbringer, Ellian and many more the decision to create a multiverse platformer set was made.

Thus, the Open Pixel Platformer (OPP) was born.

Why contribute?

Why would one contribute?

Of course it is fun and practise to make pixels. Also many artists like me enjoy seeing their work used in computer games. Since all artwork is CC-BY licensed it is very likely that this will happen in one way or another.

As everyone is free to edit your work you might get to see your art from a different direction, an experience to learn from!

Editing existing work yourself is an easy and fun way to create, but one that is often frowned upon. Within the OPP edits and changes are encouraged, we all build upon each other! This can be a whole new way of learning pixel art.

Of course in any use of this art the creator(s) should be attributed, the OPP might make some advertisement for you!

Last but not least, does it not feel great to give things away? So how about giving things away to the world? That you have made yourself? This gift might stick around until the end of time!

Goals and dreams

We'd love to team up with open game developers, and develop something cool that satisfies the artists.

So far the only description for that is: An action platform game featuring multiple locations/eras/dimensions/universes

Until that time, we package our work for easy use by any game programmer. We wish to finish many usable high quality tiles and animation within a restricted style.