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See here a graphical guide on how to use some of the tiles:
See here a graphical guide on how to use some of the tiles:
=== Environment ===
=== Environment ===

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The jungle tile set was the very first set to be created, starting May 22nd 2013 at Pixeljoint. See the original thread here.


Jungle tiles mockup.png




  • Grassland
  • Dirt, brown & grey
  • Dirt slopes
  • Standard walls, special passable & non passable walls
  • Bridge background and foreground
  • Water
  • Tree, trunk with background and foreground leaves

Jungle terrainwater.png

See here a graphical guide on how to use some of the tiles:

Jungle guide.png


  • Rocks
  • Logs
  • Vegetation
  • Camp

Jungle environment.png


The waterfall

Waterfall unfinished.png


Tree snake.png


  • Flowers, carnivorous flower (could be a monster?), giant plants (thinking Rafflesia style, not a tiny little flower but more like giant kinds; may be platforms?)
  • Adventurer camp (campfire, tents, clothes hanging, jungle helmet, crates, metal cooking ustensils...)
  • Native camp (spears, decorative skulls, fences, straw huts...)
  • Magic altars (giant engraved rock slabs, skulls (I love skulls okay?), voodoo-type magical artifacts...)
  • Ladders, objects to climb or hang on to
  • Create waterfall
  • Spike pits (no platformer is complete without them), perhaps some thorns or spears

Improvement suggestions

  • Campfire logs are too large. Alternative version with fire would be a nice addition
  • Big leaves with flower in center could be simplified
  • Tree foreground leaves are too 'noisy'

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Check out the natives!

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