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Happy 2015!!!

Welcome to the Open Pixel Platformer!

This is a collaboratively created game graphics pack, anyone can use, modify, extend!

We like pixel art, games, free culture, and this is an effort to combine those!

Read more about the OPP

See the contributors

Use the OPP

You can find all the finished files here on the wiki. A good starting point is to have a look at the mockups to see what there is to offer! Sprites can be a bit harder to find, but there is definitely a nice collection of characters and animations on the humans page.

All these graphics can be used, modified, sold or anything else by anyone for any project for FREE!

Unlike what the footer says on this wiki (we wish to change that soon), all* of the content on this wiki is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN! We recommend you to credit the contributors. The only

  • The only images that are not in the public domain can be found on the page CC-BY.

The Open Pixel Platformer files can also be downloaded here:

first sets

additional castle set commissioned by Bart

Help the OPP

Helping hands are always welcome. There are many unfinished graphics, some graphics have issues that need to be solved.

Also this wiki needs organising. Improve pages by clarifying them, creating internal links and categories, making sure files are up to date. If you are not sure about changing something, every page has a discussion page attached to it where you are welcome to share your ideas.

If you wish to create something for the OPP project, make sure you read and apply the style guide! If you need inspiration: Many pages have a list of requested items.

Communication about the OPP is usually done on the board at pixeljoint. This is actually the best place to look at current projects and todo's, we are very happy if you join the discussion and share your contributions there before they are uploaded here!